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What are the 2015 motor vehicle crash statistics for Ohio?

It’s often interesting to take a look at the statistics involving motor vehicle accidents within Ohio. Not only can you see whether programs designed to decrease drunk driving, reckless driving and more are working, you can also see when the most dangerous times of day to drive are. For those that are on the road a lot, this can be very helpful.

In April of this year, the Ohio Department of Public Safety released their 2015 Ohio Traffic Crash Facts Book. The main goal is to provide law enforcement with the data and analysis needed to determine where their resources should go to improve Ohio’s highway safety. Here are some of the statistics provided:

— In 302,307 total crashes, there were 1,110 fatalities.

— Drivers impaired by alcohol were involved in 31 percent of those fatalities.

— Over 500 people died in traffic crashes because they didn’t wear a seat belt.

— There were about 2.8 crashes involving a fatality every day.

— Every 7.9 hours, one person was killed.

— Every 4.8 minutes, one person was injured.

— Males were involved in 72.2 percent of all crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers.

— August was the deadliest month for crashes, with 132 people killed.

— Saturday was the deadliest day of the week, with 183 people killed.

— Work zone accidents claimed the lives of 28 people.

As you can see, the statistics tell a sad story of the fatal accidents in 2015 in Ohio. Those who have lost a loved one in an accident that wasn’t his or her fault have a right to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault driver. An attorney can help you understand how such a case proceeds and what is required of you.

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