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Semi accident causes 18-wheeler to roll on top of pickup truck

Semi drivers and those driving vehicles that require a commercial driver’s license are held to a different standard of care on the road than drivers of other smaller motor vehicles. Several reasons account for this, but one of them is to make sure the roads remain safe with vehicles on the road that are carrying extremely heavy, and sometimes hazardous, loads.

Truck accidents that involve a semi and a smaller car can be extremely catastrophic and, at times, fatal. This type of serious accident recently occurred in Ohio. A semi was travelling down an Ohio highway when a pickup truck turned out in front of the semi. Witnesses to the crash say that the semi rolled over on top of the truck.

The driver of the semi did not sustain any injuries. The driver of the pickup truck was taken to the hospital and has been pronounced in fair condition. Local authorities are still investigating the crash and its cause.

In the case of any semi accident it is important to determine whether any party was negligent in causing the accident. In the case of accidents involving 18-wheelers, this can become a complicated process. Truck drivers are required to maintain driver logs and truck maintenance logs as well as follow strict hours of service requirements.

When a negligent party has caused an accident resulting in injuries to the other party, the injured party is entitled to compensation to help with recovery. This compensation usually covers any financial difficulties that arise after the accident including medical bills, lost wages and, in the case of fatal accidents, funeral and death expenses. It is important that individuals injured by a negligent driver receive the compensation to which they are entitled.

Source: WDTN 2 News, “Semi rolls over pickup, trapping driver,” July 31, 2012