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Primarily black nursing homes receive lower standard of care

A research study reveals that the care provided at nursing homes with primarily black residents was worse compared to the care provided at homes with smaller minority resident populations. Over 11,000 nursing homes across the United States, including Ohio, were included in the study. The study consisted of over 46,000 nursing home residents and analyzed data from 1999 to 2004.

The study disclosed that nursing homes or long-term care facilities without black residents enjoyed higher revenue as well as profit margins. These facilities without black residents also demonstrated greater positive outcomes in regard to the health of residents or patients. The study suggests that financial limitations were not the only reasons for the lower positive health outcomes in facilities with majority black resident populations. The researchers noted that lower quality of care and general systemic problems in these facilities with black majority populations contributed to the lower positive patient health outcomes.

In addition to analyzing economic or financial issues like revenue, net income and profit margins, the study analyzed non-monetary elements. These included the ratio of nursing staff to the resident or patient population as well as success in preventing pressure ulcers among patients. Other factors included the availability of assistance in regard to patient mobility issues and prevention of urinary tract infections.

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Source: Medical Daily, “Predominantly Black Nursing Homes Offer Poorer Care Than Homes With Few, No Minority Patients“, Chris Weller, September 13, 2013