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Ohio Turnpike crash involving charter bus kills 1 and injures 10

A car accident that happened on the Ohio Turnpike on April 20 left one woman dead and 10 others injured. The auto accident involved multiple vehicles, including a charter bus.

The crash happened late in the evening, and in addition to the bus, six other vehicles were involved. While driving down the turnpike, the charter bus struck another car that was apparently stopped perpendicular across the road.

The initial impact knocked the bus driver unconscious. At that point, passengers on the bus had to take over, and one of them was able to steer the bus to safety.

Unfortunately, a woman in one of the smaller vehicles did not survive. She sustained injuries to her head and torso, and medics pronounced her dead at the scene of the accident.

Others involved in the crash suffered injuries that ranged from minor to critical.

In multi-car accidents such as this one, assigning fault can become complicated. Nevertheless, negligence usually plays a role in car accidents that cause personal injury. Ohio residents who have been hurt because of another driver’s distracted or reckless driving may have grounds to seek compensation for damages.

Recovery can be expensive, and it is important that injured individuals keep a record of their medical bills, as well as a copy of the official accident report. These items may prove helpful in a personal injury lawsuit.

The family members of deceased victims may also have the option of filing a wrongful death claim. While the loss of a loved one is emotionally incalculable, other expenses linked to an accident do arise, and a wrongful death claim can help cover those expenses.

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