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Nursing home accused of neglect sues state

Nursing home abuse and neglect sometimes leave signs and symptoms on its victims. Some of these include bruises, bedsores, evidence of poor hygiene, dehydration or malnutrition. Additionally, there may be signs of psychological or sexual abuse or evidence of poor supervision, such as nursing home residents who have wandered off or have fallen.

In Zanesville, complaints of Medicaid fraud and nursing home neglect or abuse led the Ohio attorney general to place surveillance cameras in patients’ rooms at a nursing home. The state reviewed those recordings and, as a result of what regulators saw on those recordings, ordered the nursing home be shut down.

The nursing home in question has now filed a lawsuit in federal court, attempting to stay the shutdown order. The facility’s administrator says that the cameras were illegally placed in the patient’s rooms, in spite of the state’s claim that it obtained permission from all of the residents whose semi-private rooms were part of the surveillance.

The case above reflects strong action by the state in dealing with alleged nursing home neglect or abuse. Even if the state is not involved, the loved ones of nursing home residents who may be victims of abuse or neglect can pursue a legal claim against the facility. Nursing homes are charged with not only the responsibility of providing quality care for their residents, but also with keeping clear records of that care. With the help of an attorney experienced in medical and nursing home claims, individuals can inspect the facility’s records and may be able to determine whether the care that their loved ones are receiving is appropriate or if there are signs that abuse or neglect may have occurred.


Source: Norwalk Reflector, “Nursing home sues state to remain open,” Eric Lyttle, July 23, 2013