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New software company to address truck driver fatigue

With more than 3 million commercial drivers moving 70 percent of the nation’s cargo, the trucking industry is essential to the U.S. economy. It is also an industry fraught with dangers as turnover rates exceed 90 percent and drowsy driving becomes more and more common. Drivers in Ohio should know that a startup specializing in safety software could help prevent truck drivers from engaging in drowsy driving and other risky behavior.

BlyncSync was started three years ago by graduates of Oklahoma University to improve safety for truckers and improve relationships between truckers and their dispatchers. The company is planning to produce wearable devices, such as special watches, hats and safety glasses, that measure biometric data. Its first initiative is to create glasses that measure and report truck driver fatigue in real time through signs like yawning and blinking.

The company has launched a pilot program with five trucking companies in Oklahoma and other states. It is also working with i2E, an Oklahoma-based nonprofit corporation, to come up with a scalable business plan. As a major shipping hub, the state is widely considered to be an ideal location for companies like BlyncSync. If all goes well, the company could help reduce turnover rates, address the shortage in truck drivers and reduce insurance rates.

Truck drivers are often encouraged to exceed the maximum number of duty hours in order to meet deadlines, which means their company may be responsible for any accidents they get into. When drowsy driving leads to an accident, the victim or their family may speak with a truck accident attorney about how to receive compensation. Accident attorneys might be able to hire investigators to find proof of negligence, help their clients file an injury claim or wrongful death suit and negotiate for the settlement.