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Is one workout supplement the cause of wrongful deaths?

People across the country have grown more aware of their personal fitness in recent years. Some people like to take their fitness experience to the next level, exploring dietary supplements that manufacturers might claim will help a person push their limits. But what happens if a supplement pushes a person over the edge? Should the company who makes the supplement be held accountable?

80-year-old Ohio woman kills 13-year-old in hit and run accident

Many residents of Ohio likely have loved ones who are reaching an elderly age where they become easily confused. Some of these older individuals may have difficulty driving safely. Upon the occurrence of an accident, some of these citizens may become frightened and not know what to do. Recently an 80-year-old Ohio woman left the scene of a fatal accident. The court system has sentenced her to five years of probation for her actions and involvement in the accident.

Foggy conditions may have led to fatal car wreck on Ohio road

Big rigs are traveling the roads of Ohio day in and day out. Semi drivers are required to exercise a certain elevated standard of care when driving on the roads due not only to the nature of the vehicles that they are driving, but also, due to the hazardous nature of the loads they often carry. Often times, a collision involving a semi can quickly become a fatal car wreck. Unfortunately, this recently occurred in an accident in Ohio.

Ohio man dies from internal bleeding caused by medication

When someone unexpectedly loses a loved one, they almost always need emotional support to work through what can be a very difficult time. Losing a loved one is difficult enough, but when the unexpected loss is caused by another's negligence, the family may not only need emotional support but also legal support. When someone else's lack of care causes a death, the family and loved ones of the deceased may be able to recover compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Collision causes one death, multiple injuries and damages a home

Dealing with the untimely and unexpected death of a loved one who is killed in an accident can be one of the most difficult experiences that one will endure in life. It can cause not only emotional hardship but also financial hardship. For those and many other reasons, families who lose their loved ones in a catastrophic accident caused by another person's negligence and lack of appropriate care can often recover damages through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Deaths from contaminated injections occur across the country

Many readers in Ohio know that the loss of a loved one is always a tragic occurrence. However, when a loved one is lost suddenly and unexpectedly it can, at times, be even more difficult to deal with. When that death is caused by the negligence or lack of care of another person, it may bring feelings of anger, misunderstanding and frustration to the loved ones of the deceased.

Prison nurse in Ohio facing wrongful death charges

The death of a loved one, whether at an expected time or not, is always a tragic event. However, it may be arguably more tragic when this death occurs as a result of someone else's negligence or lack of care. In those types of cases, the family of the loved one may be able to receive compensation by suing the negligent party for wrongful death.

Death caused by exotic animal leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Accidents happen every day, and they can sometimes result in unfortunately severe injuries, and, at times, death. Most often these injuries are caused by car accidents, trucking accidents, falling or other common accidents. Not as often are injuries incurred by exotic animals kept as pets. However, this is the situation faced by the mother of an Ohio man that was mauled and killed by a bear kept as a pet by another Ohio resident.

2 cars strike and kill Ohio pedestrian, driver accused of lying

Everyone knows that when vehicles collide, the consequences can be devastating. However, what can be even more serious and potentially devastating is when a car accident involves a pedestrian. Sadly, that was the case in a recent Ohio car crash involving two vehicles and one person on foot.

Ohio accident near construction zone leaves 1 dead

The lives of an individual and their loved ones can be changed and potentially shattered in the instantaneous occurrence of an unexpected accident. Accidents that result in a tragic death can come in many forms. But no matter what the form, the situation is always life shattering for those involved.

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