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Objects are left in surgical patients at alarming rates

Ohio residents preparing for surgery may have a lot on their minds. Few consider that a surgeon might leave an object in their body, an object that can cause infection, pain and eventually another surgery. Worse, sometimes a patient may even die due to this form of medical negligence. Between 2005 and 2012, a new report claims, 772 tools were left in patients and 16 people died from the effects.

Family sues hospital for botching kidney transplant

The family of an Ohio woman who allegedly had a botched kidney transplant in 2012 has sued the hospital for medical malpractice. According to the report, the woman, who was 24 years old at the time of the surgery, was supposed to be receiving a kidney from her younger brother, who was considered to be a perfect match. However, the kidney was disposed of during the surgery.

Lawsuit asserts surgeon negligent in causing disfigurement

Every medical procedure has risks associated with it. From seemingly simple procedures carried out in a doctor's office to scheduled surgical procedures, there is always the risk of a patient experiencing complications both during and after a procedure. Doctors and surgeons are trained to mitigate such risks. When a doctor or surgeon makes a medical error, however, their action or inaction may directly contribute to a patient suffering harm and injury. 

Doctors order needless tests to avoid medical malpractice claims

Doctors in Ohio and across the nation are fearful of medical malpractice claims. In fact, it is known that doctors often engage in what is called "defensive medicine" in an effort to prevent a medical malpractice lawsuit. Defensive medicine occurs when a doctor orders unnecessary tests and procedures solely to protect him- or herself from a possible claim of medical malpractice.

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