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Accident on Ohio roadway causes semi rollover

Any accident involving an 18-wheeler has the potential to be devastating for all parties involved. This is especially true when a truck accident involves other vehicles that are much smaller. The nature of semi tractor trailers makes them particularly dangerous and, at times, lethal. The size disparity between a semi and other vehicles, paired with the often dangerous, hazardous or toxic loads that they carry, make most other vehicles a poor candidate for survival against a semi.

Falling tires from swerving flatbed semi leave 2 injured

Accidents happen often on the busy highways of Ohio. But when a trucking accident occurs, the consequences tend to be much more serious and deadly. An injurious accident involving a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle not only involves personal injury laws but also trucking laws.

Pregnant woman and family injured in Ohio semi accident

A pregnant woman, her unborn child and four others were treated for injuries following an accident involving an SUV and a semi truck at an Ohio rest stop. Emergency responders arrived at the scene and extricated the woman from the SUV.

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