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Undiagnosed diabetes may lead to heart attacks, studies show

Some Ohio readers might already be aware of the medical evidence linking diabetes to cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. Diabetes often goes undiagnosed despite the manifestation of cardiovascular problems. Undiagnosed diabetes may be the cause behind ten percent of heart attacks, according to new research presented at the Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Session 2014.

Seriously ill veteran evicted by nursing home

Ohio readers who care about veterans' issues might be interested in the account of a disabled, seriously ill veteran who was left in an unfurnished apartment with no phone, medication or food after being evicted from an Iowa nursing home on Nov. 1, 2013. According to county and state records, the 65-year-old veteran was suffering from multiple health issues including insulin-dependent diabetes, congestive heart failure and a life-threatening blood infection.

House bill aims to protect nursing home patients

One Ohio state representative is co-sponsoring legislation he hopes will help to protect nursing home patients. House Bill 298 would give elderly patients in nursing homes the right to install recording devices to covertly monitor staff. Reports say that the representative was outraged after learning that nursing homes believed they could restrict patients from installing their own personal surveillance cameras in their rooms.

Primarily black nursing homes receive lower standard of care

A research study reveals that the care provided at nursing homes with primarily black residents was worse compared to the care provided at homes with smaller minority resident populations. Over 11,000 nursing homes across the United States, including Ohio, were included in the study. The study consisted of over 46,000 nursing home residents and analyzed data from 1999 to 2004.

Four-vehicle accident leaves two with only minor injuries

Numerous residents of Columbus rely on vehicles as a form of transportation every day. Unfortunately, there are also negligent and careless drivers on the road every day. The actions of a careless driver often lead to a car accident that can have harmful and sometimes tragic outcomes.

Motorcycle-car accident leaves Ohio man in critical condition

Accidents that result in injuries to one or more of the parties involved are always unfortunate. However, car accidents involving a motorcycle are more likely to have tragic results due to the variance in size between the vehicles. Often times the motorcyclist will face much more severe injuries than the driver of the car.

Semi accident causes 18-wheeler to roll on top of pickup truck

Semi drivers and those driving vehicles that require a commercial driver's license are held to a different standard of care on the road than drivers of other smaller motor vehicles. Several reasons account for this, but one of them is to make sure the roads remain safe with vehicles on the road that are carrying extremely heavy, and sometimes hazardous, loads.

Ohio car accident injures 30 pedestrians

Recently in Lima, Ohio, over 1,000 residents had gathered to enjoy a weekly town event with live music when a car barreled into a crowd of people. Roughly 50 pedestrians were said to be in the car's path, and about 30 people were injured in the car accident.

Pregnant woman and family injured in Ohio semi accident

A pregnant woman, her unborn child and four others were treated for injuries following an accident involving an SUV and a semi truck at an Ohio rest stop. Emergency responders arrived at the scene and extricated the woman from the SUV.

Serious injuries for child in Ohio sledding accident

As winter settles in throughout Ohio, certain safety precautions have to be taken if people are to avoid weather-related injuries. Too often, premises are not made properly safe, and individuals sustain personal injuries through no fault of their own. With these issues in mind, readers in Columbus will be saddened to hear of a child who was recently taken to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus after suffering injuries in a sledding accident at a park in Wood County.

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