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Medical malpractice claims in Ohio

Ohio residents may benefit from learning more about the state laws that regulate how medical malpractice is handled in the state. The Ohio statute of limitations on malpractice incidents that involve chiropractic, optometric, dental or medial services is one year from the date that the incident occurs. According to state law, as long as the claimant issues written notice of the claim to the subject within that first year, any action on the claim may be taken within 180 days following the date of notice.

Genetic disorder might be confused with autism

Ohio residents may be surprised to learn that a little-known genetic disorder that is almost as common as Down syndrome could be misdiagnosed as autism although recent studies show that the disorder's symptoms have little in common with autism spectrum disorder. The genetic disorder is called 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, or 22q, because children with the syndrome are born without a section of chromosome 22.

Delayed diagnosis in Ohio may be medical malpractice

A report on outpatient care blamed delays in diagnosis and treatment on poor teamwork, bureaucratic messes, miscommunication and a lack of coordinated care. The study was done by the Veterans Administration between 2005 and 2012, and tried to identify the causes for failure to diagnose as well as delays in treatment for an average of four months. Researchers said that this kind of delay might be as harmful to patients as a misdiagnosis.

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