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Mobile app could improve diagnostic accuracy

People living in Ohio may have heard that misdiagnosis is a common problem in the U.S. health care industry. To help combat the issue, physician-focused health apps are being developed to help doctors improve their diagnostic accuracy. However, until now, none of these apps have been evaluated to determine if they really help patients.

Software shows potential to reduce radiology errors

Accurate diagnoses for medical patients in Ohio often relies on the results of tests like ultrasounds and X-rays. A research team that studied the efficacy of a software system meant to catch data entry errors made by radiologists and sonographers found significant potential to reduce mistakes that could lead to a misdiagnosis and delayed or ineffective treatment.

Knee surgery patients at risk of misdiagnosis

For people in Ohio who have had major knee surgery, they may not only face extensive pain and a complex recovery period, but they might also be at risk of misdiagnosis for persistent and unexplained pain. When physicians use older criteria to make a diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome, or CPRS, this can mean that some people who received a knee replacement may be inaccurately diagnosed with CPRS as the cause of excessive post-surgical pain. This could actually leave patients suffering longer and with greater pain.

Glenn Frey's widow sues hospital

Ohio music fans may be interested to learn that Glenn Frey's widow is suing a New York City hospital over the treatment her husband received prior to his death in January 2016. The former co-frontman for The Eagles reportedly died of complications from acute ulcerative colitis, pneumonia and other health conditions. He was 67.

How people might help to prevent surgical errors

People in Ohio who are scheduled for surgery may want to take steps to help to protect themselves from the potential for surgical errors. Doctors are not infallible, and they sometimes make mistakes. By getting involved in their medical care, patients may be able to help to prevent surgical mistakes.

Study shows male dermatologists more likely to be sued

JAMA Dermatology released a study in December 2017 that all dermatologists in Ohio, male and female, may find interesting. The authors analyzed 90,743 malpractice claims that had since been closed and found that male physicians were more likely to be sued than female. Out of the 1,084 claims filed against dermatologists, nearly 70 percent were filed against male dermatologists.

Robotic system may improve breast biopsies

Breast biopsies account for a substantial number of cases forwarded to anatomic pathologists. However, Ohio women who have to undergo the procedure may find it very time-consuming and not completely accurate, primarily because of human errors and the inefficiencies in current surgical technology.

Why durotomy verdicts usually favor the surgeon

When people undergo spinal surgery, they may be at risk for developing durotomy, or tears in the outer membrane of the spinal cord. In most cases, the doctor will detect these dural tears and operate on them before they create serious problems, but when he or she does not, a case could be made for medical malpractice. Ohio residents should know, however, that malpractice claims can be tricky when they involve durotomy.

Congressman pushes bill to reduce prostate cancer misdiagnoses

Each year, many men in Ohio and across the U.S. are misdiagnosed with prostate cancer due to false positive biopsy results. Because of this, an Indiana congressman is sponsoring a bill that could reduce the problem.

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