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Drivers beware voice-activated technology

It's against the law to text and drive in Ohio. It's also illegal for drivers under the age of 18 to talk on a cellphone while driving. Ohio's restrictions on cellphone use while driving were enacted in response to a growing number of serious and fatal car accidents caused by distracted drivers. While no states have enacted bans on all cellphone usage by drivers, a total of 11 have passed laws banning drivers from using hand-held mobile devices.

What distracted driving behavior really causes the most accidents?

You may be surprised. When we think of distracted drivers, we often picture a teenager texting while driving, or perhaps someone eating in the car. When a major insurance company looked carefully at the issue recently, however, it discovered that one distracted driving behavior was involved in a whopping 62 percent of the accidents it studied. By contrast, texting and cell phone use together were the cause of only 12 percent.

80-year-old Ohio woman kills 13-year-old in hit and run accident

Many residents of Ohio likely have loved ones who are reaching an elderly age where they become easily confused. Some of these older individuals may have difficulty driving safely. Upon the occurrence of an accident, some of these citizens may become frightened and not know what to do. Recently an 80-year-old Ohio woman left the scene of a fatal accident. The court system has sentenced her to five years of probation for her actions and involvement in the accident.

Foggy conditions may have led to fatal car wreck on Ohio road

Big rigs are traveling the roads of Ohio day in and day out. Semi drivers are required to exercise a certain elevated standard of care when driving on the roads due not only to the nature of the vehicles that they are driving, but also, due to the hazardous nature of the loads they often carry. Often times, a collision involving a semi can quickly become a fatal car wreck. Unfortunately, this recently occurred in an accident in Ohio.

Texting while driving car accident causes death of 10-year-old

As smart phones become more and more popular amongst Americans, distracted driving habits, such as texting while driving, have also become more prevalent in the news. Lawmakers are cracking down on drivers who cause car accidents because of distraction by portable electronics. A recent case in Ohio is no different. A driver that was texting while driving has been sentenced to almost five years in prison.

2 cars strike and kill Ohio pedestrian, driver accused of lying

Everyone knows that when vehicles collide, the consequences can be devastating. However, what can be even more serious and potentially devastating is when a car accident involves a pedestrian. Sadly, that was the case in a recent Ohio car crash involving two vehicles and one person on foot.

Motorcyclist killed in Columbus crash

It should be clear to all motorists: failing to exercise due caution on the road can have catastrophic consequences. Distracted driving is an increasingly serious problem in Ohio and throughout the country. Cell phone use and other means of distraction cause harm to life and limb on a daily basis. A recent fatal accident in Columbus is still under investigation, but it would appear that one of the drivers will be found at fault for the crash.

Ohio woman sues estate for wrongful death

An Ohio woman is suing the estate of a deceased man for the wrongful death of three of her family members. The lawsuit states that she is entitled to compensation for damages caused by the deceased man's negligence, which she says resulted in a fatal accident that took the lives of her relatives.

Wrong-way crash in Ohio takes 2 men's lives, injures another

In the third wrong-way collision in recent weeks, two men lost their lives in Ohio. The car accident, which involved a car and a tractor-trailer, happened in the northern part of the state around 3 a.m. on Interstate 75. The two men in the car were killed, and the driver of the semi suffered injuries that were not thought to be life-threatening.

20-year-old Ohio man dies after driver fails to yield

Sadly, a young Ohio man suffered fatal injuries in a recent car accident that resulted from a driver's failing yield at a stop sign. The 20-year-old who died was a passenger in a Ford Escort that moved into the intersection without properly heeding the stop sign. As the car crossed the intersection, a Jeep crashed into the driver's side.

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