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Briefly glancing away from the road increases crash risk

The Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety reported in April, coinciding with National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, that momentary distractions, including a glance at a mobile phone, delays the hazard anticipation of drivers and potentially increases the probability of traffic accidents. It could be surprising to Ohio drivers that a vehicle traveling at 70 mph moves about 67 yards, or more than half the distance of a football field, in two seconds.

Investigators still looking for cause of fatal Ohio head-on crash

A police sergeant in Pataskala said that alcohol or drug use was not suspected in the head-on collision that killed three people on Ohio 16 near Taylor Road in Licking County. However, the investigation remains open as investigators search for the reason why a westbound Toyota Camry crossed the highway's center line and hit a Dodge Grand Caravan.

Motorcyclist killed in head-on collision on Ohio 2

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported a crash in Ottawa County that killed one person on April 12 on Ohio 2. The victim was a 59-year-old man from Toledo who drove a motorcycle when the accident happened at around 12:30 p.m.

Serious injuries reported in Fulton County head-on collision

Two women were seriously injured, and another woman was hurt in a car accident north of Wauseon, Ohio, on State Highway 108. The head-on collision between two cars occurred near the Airport Highway intersection, according to the Ohio State Patrol.

Ohio woman admits to role in fatal accident

A 24-year-old woman admitted to police that she was the driver in a fatal accident that took place during July 2014. According to authorities, the accident occurred after a vehicle driving on Interstate 70 crossed three lanes of traffic and hit a motorcycle. Both vehicles were traveling eastbound when the crash took place, and the victim was a 58-year-old woman. Authorities say that an anonymous tip led gave them the lead that eventually led to a confession.

The dangers of distracted driving

In 2012, 3,328 people suffered fatal injuries in car accidents involving distracted drivers. In the same year, distracted motorists were involved in collisions that resulted in 421,000 injured individuals. With approximately nine people killed and 1,153 people injured every day in these types of accidents, residents of Ohio should be aware of the dangers associated with distracted driving.

Poor road conditions reported at time of head-on Ohio SUV crash

Preliminary reports from the Lake County Sheriff department about a Perry Township, Ohio, accident on North Ridge Road described road conditions as very poor. The bad roads, however, have yet to be singled out by investigators as contributing to the loss of control the 36-year-old male driver of an SUV experienced when he attempted to pass another car.

Ohio car accidents and whiplash

The term whiplash refers to a neck injury where the head moves in one direction and then another quickly and sometimes violently. This is similar to the motion of a whip. Basically, this motion can rip the ligaments that protect and support the vertebrae running through the neck. It can also strain the muscles and tendons in the neck. In more severe instances, the event could even herniate, dislocate or fracture vertebrae.

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