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Fatal DUI car crash after TV show premiere party sparks lawsuit

When there is a fatal accident in Ohio or anywhere across the nation, there could be the foundation to file a legal claim. The circumstances of the incident are key. In many of these cases, the accident occurred while a person was at the accident site as part of their job. In such a situation, the employer could be held liable.

Taking steps to minimize accidents involving large trucks

When an accident involving a large truck occurs in Ohio, the results can be catastrophic. That's why safety advocates want to use modern technology to minimize the number of accidents involving big rigs. In particular, forward crash avoidance and mitigation systems have been touted as potential saviors.

Escpaed lion kills zoo intern on second week of job

The last thing an Ohio family expects to hear when a young person leaves home to start a new job is that their loved one was killed in a tragic incident only weeks later. Nevertheless, this is the reality that the loved ones of a 22-year-old intern are facing after she was killed by an escaped lion at the zoo where she was working. The woman, a recent graduate of Indiana University, began her job at the North Carolina zoo only two weeks before the incident on Dec. 30, 2018.

Amazon sued for wrongful death by family of former employee

Amazon is facing a wrongful death lawsuit from the family of a former employee. People in Ohio might be interested in the details of the case as it raises issues of employer negligence and discrimination. The complaint alleges that Amazon failed to provide benefits that were mandated by contract, including disability compensation. These failures led to the employee's death, according to the plaintiffs. The employee, who was 53 years old, died of a heart attack.

Ohio judge dismisses Facebook from wrongful death case

An Ohio judge dismissed Facebook from a lawsuit filed by the family of a man whose killer shot him and shared the video on the social media site. The victim's family had accused Facebook of acting negligently for not spotting and then reporting the posted threats by the shooter.

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