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Self-driving cars still affected by human problems

Autonomous vehicle technology is exciting to many people in Ohio because of the futuristic potential it presents for self-driving cars and a world without auto accidents. Car accidents can be costly and dangerous, causing severe injuries and even deaths; most are attributable to human error behind the wheel. Automated vehicles present the opportunity for a future of cars that are free of these human failings. At the same time, others warn of technological problems that could prove to be equally unsafe.

What Ohio drivers should know about soft tissue damage

Soft tissue injuries are some of the most difficult for doctors to diagnose because no X-ray can detect them. Furthermore, some of the symptoms may take several days to manifest. Damage to soft tissue, which includes muscles, ligaments and tendons, often occur in car collisions. These tissues can be strained, sprained, bruised or torn.

Cutting down on traffic fatalities in the United States

Statistics show that roads throughout Ohio and the rest of American aren't as safe as they once were. However, a new report called by the National Governors Association aims to change this. It offers state governments a series of guidelines that they can use in part or in whole to make roadways safer. The report specifically mentions the roles that governors can play in achieving this goal.

New AAA study gauges fatigue in car crashes

With over a third of adults in America sleeping less than seven hours a day, fatigued driving is all too common. Drivers in Ohio may think that fatigue is not as deadly as distraction or alcohol, and they would be right. However, it's more dangerous than some statistics will lead them to believe.

Study finds navigation systems are more distracting than texting

Much has been written in Ohio about how the popularity of mobile electronic devices has led to a surge in distracted driving accidents. However, a recent study from the University of Utah suggests that the navigation and entertainment systems found in most new cars may actually be more dangerous to road users than smartphones. The study, which was conducted on behalf of the Automobile Association of America's Foundation for Traffic Safety, was based on an analysis of how participants used the information and entertainment systems of 30 2017 model year vehicles.

How to handle driving during the winter

Ohio drivers may have experienced driving in winter weather conditions. Snow, sleet and black ice on roadways can all be primary factors in an accident occurring. Black ice is especially dangerous because drivers may not be able to tell that it is there. In some cases, its presence may not be felt until a driver has lost control of his or her automobile.

Texting and marijuana use dangerous on the road

Many people in Ohio and across the United States are increasingly concerned by the dangers posed by texting while driving. A recent survey conducted by Harris Poll for the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America showed that an overwhelming number of Americans deem texting behind the wheel to be dangerous, even more so than driving while influenced by marijuana.

Study examines ADHD, medication and car accidents

Some Ohio drivers that have ADHD might be less likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident if they take medication. This was one of the findings of a study published in "JAMA Psychiatry." The study involved 2.3 million people who had ADHD and were older than 18. Nearly 84 percent had been prescribed one or more medications for ADHD. Researchers found that drivers that had ADHD were more likely to have a motor vehicle accident. However, men with ADHD that took medication were 38 percent less likely to have an accident, and women were 42 percent less likely. Overall, the study estimated that there could have been as many as 22 percent fewer accidents if drivers took their ADHD medication.

Safety strategies to avoid animal collisions

Fall and winter mean shorter daylight hours, which increases the chances of Ohio drivers running into the state's abundant wildlife. Deer, especially, are very active during the fall mating season. They tend to be on the move between dusk and dawn when drivers have difficulty seeing them. Because motor vehicle crashes with large animals can produce thousands of dollars in damage, drivers need to exercise caution during the darker months.

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