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Driver's failure to yield results in two injured

Drivers who fail to follow traffic laws put their lives and those of other drivers and passengers at risk. Such driving errors occur for a variety of reasons. In many cases, car accidents arise when drivers are distracted or simply fail to pay attention. One such accident involving an Ohio man recently resulted in a car accident that sent two individuals to the hospital.

Foggy conditions may have led to fatal car wreck on Ohio road

Big rigs are traveling the roads of Ohio day in and day out. Semi drivers are required to exercise a certain elevated standard of care when driving on the roads due not only to the nature of the vehicles that they are driving, but also, due to the hazardous nature of the loads they often carry. Often times, a collision involving a semi can quickly become a fatal car wreck. Unfortunately, this recently occurred in an accident in Ohio.

Texting while driving car accident causes death of 10-year-old

As smart phones become more and more popular amongst Americans, distracted driving habits, such as texting while driving, have also become more prevalent in the news. Lawmakers are cracking down on drivers who cause car accidents because of distraction by portable electronics. A recent case in Ohio is no different. A driver that was texting while driving has been sentenced to almost five years in prison.

Head-on collision in Ohio fatally injures grandmother

A tragic car accident in Ohio recently took the life of an elderly woman and left two others injured. The 83-year-old was one of two passengers in a car that was traveling to Dayton to visit the elderly woman's granddaughter at college. The other two occupants of the car were also the 83-year-old's granddaughters.

Ohio woman sues estate for wrongful death

An Ohio woman is suing the estate of a deceased man for the wrongful death of three of her family members. The lawsuit states that she is entitled to compensation for damages caused by the deceased man's negligence, which she says resulted in a fatal accident that took the lives of her relatives.

91-year-old injured in Coshocton accident, 17-year-old cited

A car accident occurred east of Franklin County in Coshocton on Nov. 11, when a 17-year-old girl lost control of her Jeep Liberty. She ran off County Road 3 and then swerved back onto the road and collided with a Dodge Dakota. Its 91-year-old driver was flown to The Ohio State University Medical Center. According to their addresses on the police report, the two drivers involved in the car accident live near one another on the same road.

Car accident involving 3 vehicles injures 4 in Ohio

Columbus readers may be interested in the story of a car accident involving three vehicles that collided at 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 2 in southeastern Ohio. A 60-year-old woman had reportedly stopped in the southbound lane of Ohio 60 to make a left-hand turn. Her Chevy Cavalier was rear-ended by a Dodge Intrepid, which was driven by a man from Lowell. The collision pushed the woman's vehicle into the northbound lane, where it struck a Pontiac Grand Prix. The 60-year-old woman and her 37-year-old passenger were both seriously injured and were air-lifted to different hospitals in Ohio and West Virginia, respectively.

Columbus road construction site a hotbed for accidents

Usually, when road construction is taking place, Ohio drivers see flashing lights, barricades, and signage to let them know they should slow down and remain alert. All drivers have a responsibility not to endanger others on the road. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the rules, and reckless or negligent drivers fail to pay attention, causing car accidents that too often result in personal injury and property damage.

Car accident on Franklin Avenue still under investigation

Car accidents happen every day. We all hope that we are not involved in one, and we certainly hope that none of our loved ones are injured or killed in one. Ohio residents are no different than others when it comes to that belief. But there are times when it seems that a car accident could have been prevented or avoided.

Ohio woman killed in 2-car accident

Unfortunately, it is likely that many Ohio residents will be involved in a car accident at some point in their lives. A common cause of car accidents is negligent driving. We live in a technological time where almost everyone carries a cell phone or uses other portable electronic devices. Talking on a cell phone, texting or becoming otherwise distracted while driving can lead to serious and even fatal accidents.

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