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Helping Individuals Seek Justice For A Physician’s Failure To Diagnose Cancer

Timely diagnosis of cancer can mean more treatment options and a more favorable prognosis. Physicians must take into consideration family history, prior medical history, current symptoms, and many other factors when caring for a patient and addressing concerns.

Failure to act in a reasonable manner can be sobering — for a patient who endures unnecessary suffering, for a patient who is given a terminal cancer diagnosis and for a family that learns of a missed diagnosis following a loved one’s death.

Trusted Medical Malpractice Lawyers Representing Injured People And Families In Columbus For 50 Years

For more than four decades, our attorneys at Lamkin, Van Eman, Trimble & Dougherty, LLC, have been helping families in Columbus and throughout central Ohio hold medical providers accountable for the pain, suffering and financial hardships they have caused due to their medical negligence.

Our law firm consults with leading medical experts to determine if a delayed cancer diagnosis, misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis was due to physician negligence, or due to some factor outside of the provider’s control.

Utilizing Experts And Professions To Determine The Reason For The Delay Or Misdiagnosis

We obtain answers for the family and pursue accountability for medical malpractice that caused or enhanced the patient’s suffering. Our lawyers work with experts to examine factors including:

  • Failure to perform proactive screening when family history indicates it is warranted
  • Failure to listen to patient symptoms
  • Failure to perform necessary tests
  • Failure to review test results accurately
  • Failure to refer to an oncologist or other specialist when warranted
  • Failure to fully educate a patient of treatment options
  • Other medical negligence

These types of medical negligence can result in the delayed diagnosis of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer or other forms of cancer that permanently change the lives of patients and their families.

Pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit takes time, energy, resources and a dedicated legal team. Having handled complex cancer misdiagnosis and other medical malpractice cases for years, our team is equipped to provide the representation your family needs during this difficult time.

We offer aggressive legal advocacy that families need to pursue justice and obtain peace of mind for a loved one’s suffering.

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