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What Is Birth Asphyxia?

When a baby doesn’t get enough oxygen during the birth process, this is called asphyxia.

What Causes Asphyxia?

There can be many reasons that asphyxia happens, including:

  • Long, difficult labor
  • Premature placental separation
  • Umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck
  • Infection in the mother or baby
  • High or low maternal blood pressure

Results Of Asphyxia

Severe birth asphyxia can lead to brain damage, causing disorders, such as cerebral palsy or developmental disorders, that could require costly and lifelong medical intervention. While a medical professional may not be able to prevent asphyxia, a failure to notice, monitor or treat asphyxia promptly can be considered medical negligence.

Parents then have the option to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for medical and other related costs.

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