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Resolving Disputes Over Life Insurance Claims

When consumers purchase life insurance, they expect the insurance company to honor that policy upon their death. Unfortunately, some insurers look for reasons to delay claims by forcing the beneficiary to jump through burdensome hoops. Some even flat out deny claims for no reason.

A big reason insurance companies use these tactics is because insurance policies are drafted in their favor. Policies often include detailed, inconspicuous language designed to protect only the interests of the insurance company. In some cases, an insurance carrier may:

  • Claim the death of your loved one was due to an excluded cause such as suicide
  • Claim the death was due to a health issue that was not disclosed
  • Say that the claim was not filed within the statute of limitations

The Importance Of Hiring A Legal Advocate To Protect Your Rights

To protect your rights as a beneficiary, it’s important to have a lawyer who will advocate for you and aggressively pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

How Our Experienced Legal Team Can Help You

At Lamkin, Van Eman, Trimble & Dougherty, LLC, our firm has a 50-year history of helping people obtain the insurance benefits they paid for.

Our lawyers can review the life insurance policy and evaluate whether the insurance company has a valid reason for denying the claim. In many cases, we can persuade the insurance company to fulfill its obligation through negotiation.

Insurance companies know that if they do not offer a fair settlement, our lawyers will not hesitate to take the case to trial.

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