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Hour caps viewed differently by physicians and nurses

Patients in Ohio should be aware of a poll that showed physicians and nurses feel differently about the subject of hour caps for surgeons and others in operating rooms. The poll asked whether surgeons should have capped hours to reduce mistakes. Researchers found that 57 percent of physicians and 87 percent of nurses said they agreed with an hour cap. Furthermore, 9 percent of nurses and 10 percent of physicians were not sure. The nurses were more likely to believe that everyone’s hours should be capped, including nurses and anesthesiologists.

Comparisons have been drawn between surgeons and airline pilots, whose work hours are monitored carefully and capped to keep them from becoming overworked. One surgeon presented the opinion that surgeons’ exhaustion is not taken as seriously because a doctor will only injure one patient as opposed to an entire plane full of passengers. However, some doctors believe the comparison is unfair. After all, pilots can be swapped at any point during a flight while the same is not true for surgeons.

The poll also asked if surgeons should be monitored for actions such as substance abuse that could potentially impact their work and make them more likely to make mistakes. Researchers found that 82 percent of nurses said yes, but only 62 percent of physicians agreed with this. The numbers were similar when the respondents were asked if others in the operating room should also be monitored.

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