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Head-on collision in Ohio fatally injures grandmother

A tragic car accident in Ohio recently took the life of an elderly woman and left two others injured. The 83-year-old was one of two passengers in a car that was traveling to Dayton to visit the elderly woman’s granddaughter at college. The other two occupants of the car were also the 83-year-old’s granddaughters.

As their vehicle travelled down the highway, a Jeep moving in the opposite direction unexpectedly crossed the median and collided head-on with the car. The fatal accident knocked the vehicle with the grandmother and granddaughters some distance from the road. The drivers of the two vehicles were also seriously injured and taken to a local hospital.

At the time of a local news report, the fatal accident was still under investigation by Ohio authorities, and exactly why the Jeep crossed the median was unknown. Though the investigation is bound to reveal more details, it would appear from the outset that the driver of the Jeep was at fault and thus could be subject to claims of personal injury and perhaps wrongful death.

The families of the victims are no doubt reeling in confusion and grief. In addition to the emotional struggles related to personal injury and the loss of a loved one, they will also likely face the necessity of dealing with insurance claims and civil lawsuits.

Insurance companies will have numerous questions concerning the nature and severity of the injuries caused by the crash. It is important that all of these questions are carefully and appropriately answered to ensure that the injured parties and their families receive the compensation they deserve.

Source: WHIO, “Police ID grandmother who died in Ohio 4 crash,” April 3, 2012