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Fatal DUI car crash after TV show premiere party sparks lawsuit

When there is a fatal accident in Ohio or anywhere across the nation, there could be the foundation to file a legal claim. The circumstances of the incident are key. In many of these cases, the accident occurred while a person was at the accident site as part of their job. In such a situation, the employer could be held liable.

A fatal car crash that killed an employee has sparked a legal filing against the Comedy Central show “Lights Off” starring comedian and actor David Spade. According to the lawsuit filed by the man’s parents, the producers let another man who was working as an accountant on the program drive drunk. The accident happened at approximately 10:30 p.m. on Aug. 1 in Los Angeles. A 2018 Infiniti driven by the man crashed into an Acura. The Acura careened to where the decedent, 24, was standing. He suffered severe head trauma.

The driver was arrested for driving under the influence and other charges. The media company Viacom owns Comedy Central and is also named in the lawsuit. The company and other entities are accused of letting the driver drink to excess at a premiere party for Mr. Spade’s show. The family also says that the company is responsible because it provided a valet parking service, encouraging people to drive to the party. Mr. Spade is not named in the filing.

Losing a loved one in a fatal accident is difficult. When it could have been avoided, it is even worse. Drunk drivers and the possibility that their behavior was enabled might be the basis to file a legal claim for compensation. To determine if there is a viable case and move forward, Columbus, Ohio, wrongful death attorneys might be able to help.