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Falling tires from swerving flatbed semi leave 2 injured

Accidents happen often on the busy highways of Ohio. But when a trucking accident occurs, the consequences tend to be much more serious and deadly. An injurious accident involving a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle not only involves personal injury laws but also trucking laws.

For example, truck drivers have to be properly trained to operate such large equipment. Driving a commercial vehicle in Ohio means the operator is held to a higher standard of safety than other motorists, and it is extremely important that truck drivers adhere to the policies and laws that pertain to the trucking profession.

These issues are likely on the minds of two victims of a recent truck accident in Ohio.

The crash happened in the early-morning hours of June 11. The driver of a flatbed semi truck carrying tires was traveling on the highway when he lost control of his vehicle and crossed the center line of the road. His truck overturned and one of the tires landed in the middle of the highway.

Another vehicle quickly approached the scene, and the driver apparently didn’t see the tire and collided with it. He and his passenger suffered serious injuries and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. Their specific medical conditions were unknown at the time of a local news report. The driver of the semi truck was apparently uninjured.

Victims in crashes such as this one are often faced with high medical bills and a lengthy recovery period. However, if the injuries result from another party’s negligence, the victims are deserving of compensation for damages, which could include medical expenses, lost wages and any pain and suffering that may have resulted through no fault of the victims.

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