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Deaths from contaminated injections occur across the country

Many readers in Ohio know that the loss of a loved one is always a tragic occurrence. However, when a loved one is lost suddenly and unexpectedly it can, at times, be even more difficult to deal with. When that death is caused by the negligence or lack of care of another person, it may bring feelings of anger, misunderstanding and frustration to the loved ones of the deceased.

In addition to those feelings, it may also bring unexpected financial hardship. In that case, the family may be able to recover damages from the negligent individual under a wrongful death lawsuit.

Families across the country, including Ohio, are dealing with this very situation, as their loved ones have become sick and some have died from prednisone injections that were contaminated with meningitis. Meningitis is the inflammation of the membranes that protect the brain and spinal cord. This injection was administered to 13,000 patients. So far, more than 200 people in more than a dozen states have become sick, and 15 have died.

When families fall victim to this type of tragic loss, they should do no less than take aggressive action to recover against the negligent and careless party. If the lawsuit is successful, they will be able to recover monetary damages. This compensation will help them to pay for any burdensome financial commitments that arose as a result of the death. They may also potentially be able to recover money to help them deal with pain and suffering.

There is no amount of money that can bring back a lost loved one. However, monetary compensation can help to relieve some of the financial burden the family is experiencing, leaving them the necessary time and resources to deal with the emotional impact of their loss.

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