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Crash on Ohio to Kentucky bridge hurts 6, raises safety issues

An eight-vehicle accident on the Brent Spence Bridge stopped traffic both ways on Interstate 71/75 and raised concerns about the safety of the bridge. The Aug. 2 accident reportedly occurred when an SUV fell to the lower deck of the bridge after a push from a semi truck on the upper deck, and Covington police were investigating the crash.

The accident happened after 12 p.m., and the truck driver told a news station that he was headed south in the right lane when a vehicle from the far left attempted to take the 5th Street exit quickly. Two vehicles traveling north collided after the SUV fell, and six people went to local hospitals after suffering non-life-threatening injuries.

The Covington mayor commented that the crash shows the need for a new bridge now instead of in two years. A 2011 accident resulted in a fatality when a 42-year-old man fell when his car ran out of gas on the bridge. A passerby exited his vehicle to assist the man, but a bus hit the vehicle and knocked him off the bridge. A councilman wants fencing and basic precautionary measures installed on the bridge by federal officials so that citizens and emergency workers are safer when incidents take place.

Those injured in a car accident may want to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation from the responsible parties to pay for medical costs and property damage related to a wreck. Multiple parties may be liable for a crash, and each party may be liable for a victim’s injuries. Ohio uses a comparative negligence standard, and anyone found less than 50 percent responsible for an accident may seek compensation. The percentage of one’s liability is generally subtracted from any damages awarded.

Source: FOX 19, “Accident leads to a three hour closure of lanes on Brent Spence Bridge“, Kelly Taylor and Nathan Vicar, August 02, 2014