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Car accident results in injuries and citation for Columbus man

Laws regarding two-way stop intersections are clear — the drivers on the less busy road must stop at the stop sign and wait for an appropriate opening in the traffic on the busier road before safely crossing. When a driver fails to do so, it could result in a traffic ticket, a car accident or both. This was the case in a three-vehicle crash that took place in Canton, Ohio, late last month that resulted in minor injuries and a traffic citation for a Columbus man.

The accident occurred around 8 a. m. on Sept. 28 when the 29-year-old Columbus man was driving his Hyundai Sonata west on Hickory Street. He stopped his vehicle at the stop sign at the Main Street intersection, but then attempted to quickly cross. His vehicle first hit the driver’s side of a car headed south on Main Street before hitting a second vehicle that was stopped at the stop sign facing east on Hickory.

All three vehicles had to be towed from the scene and the driver of the Sonata was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. It’s unknown whether the other two drivers were injured. The Sonata driver was also cited for failure to yield at a two-way stop intersection and is scheduled for a November court date.

The drivers of the two vehicles who were hit in this intersection could be entitled to damages for their involvement in the accident, and they would likely benefit from consulting a Columbus attorney who’s experienced in personal injury cases. Even if they weren’t injured or only sustained minor injuries, they could be entitled to receive compensation for any pain and suffering.

Source: Canton Daily Ledger, “Man suffers minor injuries, cited after three-vehicle crash,” Sept. 29, 2011