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Saying no to distractions behind the wheel

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 3,166 deaths from distracted driving crashes in 2017. This alone goes to show that distracted driving is an epidemic in Ohio and across the U.S. To keep themselves from becoming a statistic, drivers should know that the number of potential distractions is great.

DUI fatalities on the Fourth of July

Every year, many Ohio residents flock the streets to celebrate the Fourth of July. While the day is full of fun and fireworks, it is also considered to be one of the deadliest days of the year. According to a study of DUI fatality data, car accident fatalities involving drunk drivers were estimated to be 57% more likely to occur on the Fourth of July than other days.

The various ways to reduce traffic fatalities

There were more than 40,000 roadway fatalities in Ohio and throughout the United States in 2018. That was the third consecutive year in which that threshold was passed. Roughly 10,000 of the deaths were the result of drunk driving accidents, and the problem has gotten so serious that the U.S. House of Representatives decided to hold a hearing about the issue. Of all fatal traffic accidents that occur, 94% are caused by human error.

Warning teens about dangerous driving behaviors

Every year, 3.6 million students graduate from high school in Ohio and across the country. Graduation time comes with graduation parties and many students celebrating their driver's licenses as well as their educational milestones. Even teens who have gone through driver safety classes may have a lot to learn about keeping safe on the road, especially when it comes to drugged, drowsy or distracted driving. While many people have heard the message about how drunk driving can lead to fatal car accidents, they may not take other threats as seriously - even though they can be equally deadly.

Distracted driving a nationwide issue, says Root Insurance

In its second annual distracted driving study, Root Insurance unveiled certain behaviors and tendencies that should alarm drivers in Ohio. For example, 99% of respondents acknowledged that phones are among the top three driver distractions, yet the study found that these drivers use their phones an average of 13 minutes a day.

Rand report: self-driving car makers neglect test driving

Self-driving cars have been encountering problems for several years. In May of 2016, a driver was killed when his Tesla Model S, which was on Autopilot, collided with a truck. Arizona, back in March of 2018, saw the first pedestrian death involving a self-driving car. Ohio drivers may find themselves agreeing, then, with a Rand Corporation report that automakers are not sufficiently test-driving their vehicles in their rush to get them out on the market.

AAA reminds drivers to get enough sleep for daylight saving time

Ohio residents may be aware that it's wise to get at least seven hours of rest each night. However, they may find that goal hard to achieve. In the wake of daylight saving time, it becomes even more difficult. This is why the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is recommending everyone to adjust their sleeping schedules.

Fatal crash raises concerns about intersection safety

Some busy Ohio intersections are fairly safe for motorists thanks to either well-coordinated traffic lights or roundabouts that force drivers to go counterclockwise around an island. However, there are some intersections and stretches of road that may present certain driver safety risks. This is believed to be the case in the area where a fatal crash occurred near westbound State Route 32 and Interstate 275. The three-car collision resulted in the death of an 86-year-old woman.

Delayed symptoms after an accident could mean a serious condition

Motor vehicle accidents in Ohio can cause a variety of injuries. Ailments may occur even after minor "fender bender" accidents. Unfortunately, many people delay seeing the doctor because they feel fine immediately after the incident. But some injuries can be delayed for several days. There are several symptoms that could indicate a more serious injury has occurred after a car crash.

Smartphone use influences mobile workers' car crash numbers

In Ohio and across the U.S., the number of car crashes among mobile workers is on the rise. There were 5.7 million such crashes in 2013 and 6.4 million in 2017 -- a 12.3 percent increase. In that same period, the number of mobile workers with smartphones jumped from 55 to 77 percent. The vehicle management and reimbursement platform Motus has connected the two trends in its 2018 Distracted Driving Report.

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