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A mild brain injury may threaten a victim’s manual labor job

After any significant blow to the head, a person may suffer a serious brain injury. Of course, a "serious" injury may not seem like much of a big deal at the time, especially if there is no visible evidence of harm, like other injuries display.

Beware of drowsy driving

Driving while impaired is rarely legally advisable, even if the impairment is not from drugs or alcohol. In fact, one of the greatest risks to many drivers across the country is driving while drowsy or sleep deprived.

Why call an attorney to the scene of a truck accident?

For drivers who travel along the roads and highways around the Columbus metro area, large commercial trucks are a common sight and sharing the road with these hulking machines is simply a routine part of driving. Often, drivers forget just how dangerous these enormous vehicles are and the devastation they can cause if they collide with smaller vehicles.

This is what makes other drivers dangerous

Every year it seems like manufacturers are making progress when it comes to improving safety standards in automobiles. In addition, lawmakers are passing legislation, such as bans on texting and driving, that also keep drivers and passengers safe while on the road. Unfortunately, new safety features and laws do not always do the trick.

Tired truckers could increase the chance of a semi crash

Commercial trucks, like eighteen-wheelers and semitrucks, pose a substantial threat to other drivers on the road. These days, there are more commercial trucks on the road than there were in decades past, and the rate of accidents involving these vehicles is on the rise. Many times, these crashes result in catastrophic injuries or even death for the people in the smaller vehicle involved in the accident.

Suing a doctor for opioid addiction

Opioid painkillers have been wreaking havoc and ruining lives for a number of years now. Over the last couple of decades, what was a background problem has risen to the forefront as a national epidemic.

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