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Consider any injury settlement carefully before accepting

After suffering a serious injury, you may find it overwhelming to stay on top of the settlement process while also working through your own physical recovery. This is a normal, expected part of the process, but one that often results in victims accepting settlement terms that do not fairly compensate them for their losses.

A mild brain injury may disrupt your child’s college education

Some young people experience serious car accidents during their time in college. Sadly, it's often due to intoxicated driving. If not properly prepared for the aftermath, their education may suffer greatly. Not only do these accident pose serious threats to the health of the young person who experiences it, some of the effects of the accident may threaten his or her educational goals in ways that are difficult to anticipate.

Your child should always see a doctor after any car accident

After a child experiences a car accident, he or she may not feel any pain or have any visible injuries, but that does not necessarily mean the child is unharmed from the experience. In many cases, car accidents can inflict injuries on the body that do not cause pain immediately, meaning that a child (or an adult, for that matter) may not realize that he or she actually has an injury that may cause serious complications, some of which can prove fatal.

Steps to take if your medical device gets recalled

Many of us depend on medical devices to keep us healthy and active, and when a device malfunctions or presents and unanticipated hazard the results can prove disastrous. In some cases, a device poses a serious enough threat that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the device manufacturer may issue a recall, asking users to turn in the device to receive a replacement and possibly other benefits.

A mild brain injury may threaten a victim’s manual labor job

After any significant blow to the head, a person may suffer a serious brain injury. Of course, a "serious" injury may not seem like much of a big deal at the time, especially if there is no visible evidence of harm, like other injuries display.

Beware of drowsy driving

Driving while impaired is rarely legally advisable, even if the impairment is not from drugs or alcohol. In fact, one of the greatest risks to many drivers across the country is driving while drowsy or sleep deprived.

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