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Study looks at deadly accidents caused by speeding

In Ohio, 14% of fatal motor vehicle accidents are caused by speeding. The state actually has the ninth-lowest percentage rate in the nation for fatal accidents caused by speeding. Ohio is far below the District of Columbia and New Hampshire, which have percentage rates of 39.5% and 38%, respectively. However, speeding is still a serious problem in the state.

Diagnostic errors behind one third of fatal malpractice cases

Some 12 million people in Ohio and across the U.S. suffer as a result of a diagnostic error in a primary care setting. Now, researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have found that misdiagnoses and delayed diagnoses are behind one in three malpractice claims involving a serious disability or death. Therefore, they are the leading reason behind serious medical errors.

Your baby may be suffering due to midwife negligence

As a new mother, you will want to protect your child from harm at all costs. If you have already noticed that your baby is not developing or progressing as they should, you will want to know why, so that their issues can be dealt with as quickly as possible. One of the most common causes of delayed physical and mental development among young children is, sadly, preventable birth injuries.

DUI fatalities on the Fourth of July

Every year, many Ohio residents flock the streets to celebrate the Fourth of July. While the day is full of fun and fireworks, it is also considered to be one of the deadliest days of the year. According to a study of DUI fatality data, car accident fatalities involving drunk drivers were estimated to be 57% more likely to occur on the Fourth of July than other days.

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