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Research seeks to reduce prescription errors

When patients go to an Ohio hospital or visit the doctor, they may expect to receive relief from the conditions that have been troubling them. However, medication errors pose a serious threat to patient safety. They are also some of the most common types of medical errors experienced by patients. However, the creation of a standard training regimen could help to reduce these types of prescription errors and the side effects that can follow.

The various ways to reduce traffic fatalities

There were more than 40,000 roadway fatalities in Ohio and throughout the United States in 2018. That was the third consecutive year in which that threshold was passed. Roughly 10,000 of the deaths were the result of drunk driving accidents, and the problem has gotten so serious that the U.S. House of Representatives decided to hold a hearing about the issue. Of all fatal traffic accidents that occur, 94% are caused by human error.

Improving time outs can reduce risks for wrong-site surgeries

Ohio residents may be shocked to hear that analysts estimate there are roughly 20 to 40 wrong-site surgeries being performed every week in the U.S. Such errors are frequently made during orthopedic, dental and spinal surgeries. The most common type of WSS is the laterality surgery (on a left or right organ or extremity).

Warning teens about dangerous driving behaviors

Every year, 3.6 million students graduate from high school in Ohio and across the country. Graduation time comes with graduation parties and many students celebrating their driver's licenses as well as their educational milestones. Even teens who have gone through driver safety classes may have a lot to learn about keeping safe on the road, especially when it comes to drugged, drowsy or distracted driving. While many people have heard the message about how drunk driving can lead to fatal car accidents, they may not take other threats as seriously - even though they can be equally deadly.

Doctors can make serious mistakes with prescription medicine

There are a plethora of options for medications that can treat just about every physical condition patients suffer from in the United States. Modern patients are very lucky to have access to advancements made in medications and treatments that can improve their chance of recovery from a serious medical condition and their overall quality of life.

Electronic health records can pose problems

Ohio parents may be disturbed to hear that the medical records systems that have been introduced to hospitals and clinics across the country in order to improve efficiency and record-keeping may actually help to endanger their children's lives. Medication errors are one of the most common types of physician errors, including an incorrect medication or an incorrect dosage. Because children often require adjusted dosages based on their size and age, mistakes with medication can have particularly serious effects when children are involved. However, some of the problems with electronic health records may make it more difficult to ensure that children receive correct care.

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