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Who's responsible for your child's college alcohol injury?

Alcohol is almost ubiquitous in modern college culture. As a parent sending a child off to attend college, you no doubt knew about the potential risks of alcohol for your child. Chances are good that you probably tried to have a very awkward conversation with your soon-to-be college student about the potential risks of alcohol. However, you'll have little influence on your child once they're on campus.

Distracted driving a nationwide issue, says Root Insurance

In its second annual distracted driving study, Root Insurance unveiled certain behaviors and tendencies that should alarm drivers in Ohio. For example, 99% of respondents acknowledged that phones are among the top three driver distractions, yet the study found that these drivers use their phones an average of 13 minutes a day.

Trucking crashes pose risk to highway safety

Truck accidents can be particularly frightening to others on the road in Ohio. While there are a number of factors that can lead to crashes involving large trucks, truck driver fatigue poses a special concern. Long hours over monotonous stretches of highway, especially at night, are part of a truck driver's job. Even following federal regulations on hours of service mean that a trucker spends many hours behind the wheel. Those regulations limit truck drivers to 11 hours of driving and a 14-hour total workday.

Identifying the liable party after a truck accident

Truck accidents take many lives and cause millions of dollars in property damage and personal injury each year, and the legal issues at hand are often hard to resolve. Unlike accidents between consumer drivers, truck accidents may be the liability of the driver, the driver's employer or some other third party.

Rand report: self-driving car makers neglect test driving

Self-driving cars have been encountering problems for several years. In May of 2016, a driver was killed when his Tesla Model S, which was on Autopilot, collided with a truck. Arizona, back in March of 2018, saw the first pedestrian death involving a self-driving car. Ohio drivers may find themselves agreeing, then, with a Rand Corporation report that automakers are not sufficiently test-driving their vehicles in their rush to get them out on the market.

Misdiagnosis the reason behind most malpractice claims

Ohio residents should know that diagnostic errors may be the third leading cause of death among hospitalized patients (as per the National Academy of Medicine in 2015). Now, two separate reports show that misdiagnosis is the source of most medical malpractice claims involving both inpatient and outpatient care.

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