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Taking steps to minimize accidents involving large trucks

When an accident involving a large truck occurs in Ohio, the results can be catastrophic. That's why safety advocates want to use modern technology to minimize the number of accidents involving big rigs. In particular, forward crash avoidance and mitigation systems have been touted as potential saviors.

Swimming pool fence requirements in Ohio

For many people in Ohio, few things really capture the fun of summer like a backyard swimming pool. You have probably spent countless hours sitting in the sun, sipping a cold drink, listening to music and watching the children splash and play. It's relaxing and refreshing. You always feel a bit let down when it's time to close the pool at the end of the season, but you feel elated when you get to open it again and you know summer has really arrived.

Misdiagnosis common in fibromyalgia cases

The results of a recent study indicate that there is only a fair level of agreement between criteria-based and clinical diagnoses in cases of fibromyalgia. Misdiagnoses of Ohio patients can lead to significant damages and may constitute medical malpractice. The study, which was published in Arthritis Care & Research, involved 497 patients who completed the 2010 American College of Rheumatology questionnaire and the Multidimensional Health Assessment Questionnaire. After they finished the questionnaires, the results were compared.

AAA reminds drivers to get enough sleep for daylight saving time

Ohio residents may be aware that it's wise to get at least seven hours of rest each night. However, they may find that goal hard to achieve. In the wake of daylight saving time, it becomes even more difficult. This is why the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is recommending everyone to adjust their sleeping schedules.

Broken bones in young children can do more damage than you think

Modern medicine is exceptionally good at treating traumatic injuries. Everything from bullet holes to broken bones can now receive much better care than in centuries or even decades past. Because of how much improvement there has been in trauma care, far too many people tend to have a flippant attitude toward fractures.

Colorectal cancer misdiagnosed among younger patients

Ohioans under the age of 50 with colorectal cancer are more likely than their elder counterparts to be misdiagnosed, according to a study by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. The study indicated that 71 percent of colorectal cancer patients under age 50 have cancer at stage 3 or 4. On the other hand, patients over age 50 are more likely to have stage 1 or 2 cancer. The discrepancy has been blamed on misdiagnoses by doctors and other health care providers.

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