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Fatal crash raises concerns about intersection safety

| Jan 10, 2019 | Car Accident Injuries |

Some busy Ohio intersections are fairly safe for motorists thanks to either well-coordinated traffic lights or roundabouts that force drivers to go counterclockwise around an island. However, there are some intersections and stretches of road that may present certain driver safety risks. This is believed to be the case in the area where a fatal crash occurred near westbound State Route 32 and Interstate 275. The three-car collision resulted in the death of an 86-year-old woman.

The incident occurred in Union Township, which is about a 100 miles from Columbus. The accident’s lone casualty drove her car into the rear part of a vehicle stopped at a red light. The vehicle that was struck then collided into another vehicle. Two passengers were treated for lesser injuries on the scene and two others were treated at a local hospital. The township’s police chief said accidents are “not uncommon” at the intersection where this incident occurred.

The chief said that another fatal accident occurred within the same area around State Route 32 and 275 in December of 2017 and involved five vehicles. The police chief speculated that the problem may be too much distance between the last light and the 275 on-ramp. Some vehicles may be using that stretch of roadway to get up to speeds appropriate for highway travel. The chief said he’s not sure what the solution is, but he does stress the fact that there is a problem at the intersection that needs to be addressed.

When a car accident like the one discussed here happens near a busy intersection, a personal injury attorney may consider patterns with previous incidents in the same area. Negligent parties in this situation may include the manufacturer of the vehicle that wasn’t able to stop before hitting the one in front. If it turns out the township failed to correct traffic management issues, liability may extend to this party as well.

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