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Why patients struggle to get a migraine diagnosis

Ohio residents who have a migraine could experience symptoms that mimic other common conditions. For instance, if a person has recently experienced a concussion, a doctor may believe a headache or sensitivity to light are signs of post-concussion syndrome. If an individual experiences nausea or vomiting, a doctor may suspect a panic attack. In some cases, panic attacks can be brought on by the presence of a migraine or not knowing why symptoms are occurring.

Tests for diagnosing bladder cancer and its spread

There are a multitude of tests that are available for finding cancer in Ohio patients and for seeing where if and where it has spread. No test is accurate enough, though, to be able to screen the general population for bladder cancer, so many are diagnosed with it only after they experience symptoms.

Fatal crash raises concerns about intersection safety

Some busy Ohio intersections are fairly safe for motorists thanks to either well-coordinated traffic lights or roundabouts that force drivers to go counterclockwise around an island. However, there are some intersections and stretches of road that may present certain driver safety risks. This is believed to be the case in the area where a fatal crash occurred near westbound State Route 32 and Interstate 275. The three-car collision resulted in the death of an 86-year-old woman.

5 steps after a car accident

Imagine a semitruck slams into the back of your compact Honda while you are stopped at a red light. Even though your vehicle bounces forward into the intersection, you are lucky to survive the collision without any life-threatening injuries. However, you do need to go to the hospital for a strained neck and a broken wrist.

Escpaed lion kills zoo intern on second week of job

The last thing an Ohio family expects to hear when a young person leaves home to start a new job is that their loved one was killed in a tragic incident only weeks later. Nevertheless, this is the reality that the loved ones of a 22-year-old intern are facing after she was killed by an escaped lion at the zoo where she was working. The woman, a recent graduate of Indiana University, began her job at the North Carolina zoo only two weeks before the incident on Dec. 30, 2018.

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