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Dump truck, ready-mix concrete truck crashes continue to rise

Anyone in Ohio who drives a dump truck or ready-mix concrete delivery truck should know about the accident rates just released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Focusing on 2016, the latest year for which they have statistics, the FMCSA has shown that severe accidents involving dump trucks (that is, severe to the point that the truck had to be towed away) went up 9 percent for a total of 8,206.

Proposed bill seeks increased truck regulations

Parents and other safety advocates in Ohio and across the country are concerned that proposed legislation aiming to reduce fatal truck accidents has seen little progress since it was introduced in Congress in 2017. Underride crashes, in which a passenger car slides under the carriage of a large truck or semi-trailer, can be devastating and often fatal. Severe head and neck injuries are common in these types of accidents, even when they occur at low speeds. Protective gear, called underride guards, can reduce the likelihood of a fatal crash.

Why medical record errors occur and why they may not be remedied

Ohio residents and other patients may have the ability to store their medical records electronically. However, it is still possible that errors will be made. In fact, one academic believes that up to 70 percent of patient records have some sort of mistake on them. One woman found out that her records showed she had two children and diabetes; that would have meant having her first child at age 13, but she had never been pregnant before. She found out about the diabetes mistake after being asked about her blood sugar during a doctor's appointment.

Amazon sued for wrongful death by family of former employee

Amazon is facing a wrongful death lawsuit from the family of a former employee. People in Ohio might be interested in the details of the case as it raises issues of employer negligence and discrimination. The complaint alleges that Amazon failed to provide benefits that were mandated by contract, including disability compensation. These failures led to the employee's death, according to the plaintiffs. The employee, who was 53 years old, died of a heart attack.

Hour caps viewed differently by physicians and nurses

Patients in Ohio should be aware of a poll that showed physicians and nurses feel differently about the subject of hour caps for surgeons and others in operating rooms. The poll asked whether surgeons should have capped hours to reduce mistakes. Researchers found that 57 percent of physicians and 87 percent of nurses said they agreed with an hour cap. Furthermore, 9 percent of nurses and 10 percent of physicians were not sure. The nurses were more likely to believe that everyone's hours should be capped, including nurses and anesthesiologists.

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