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Delayed symptoms after an accident could mean a serious condition

| Nov 14, 2018 | Car Accident Injuries |

Motor vehicle accidents in Ohio can cause a variety of injuries. Ailments may occur even after minor “fender bender” accidents. Unfortunately, many people delay seeing the doctor because they feel fine immediately after the incident. But some injuries can be delayed for several days. There are several symptoms that could indicate a more serious injury has occurred after a car crash.

For example, stiffness in the neck or shoulders is a common sign of whiplash. Whiplash may occur to passengers in vehicles that were going as little as 14 miles per hour prior to the accident. They are often the result of being rear-ended because the neck and head suddenly “whip” forward. Headaches are another symptom that may appear after an accident and may be a sign of a more serious injury such as a concussion or blood clot.

Abdominal pain that causes bloating or swelling may be an indication of internal bleeding. While this type of bleeding is serious, it could go unnoticed for days after the accident occurred. Along with pain and swelling, internal bleeding may also be present with dark-colored bruising and dizziness. Additionally, delayed back pain may be an indication that a serious injury occurred to the tendons, ligaments or vertebrae. Such issues need to be addressed by a doctor in order for corrective action to be taken.

Auto accident injuries can have devastating results on an individual. Furthermore, they may result in costly medical bills and lost wages from missed work. If such injuries were caused by a reckless driver, the victim may want to reach out to an attorney. Legal counsel could help file a claim for damages.

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