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Chicago startup's software could prevent rare surgical errors

Ohio residents may be interested to know that a startup in Chicago is developing software that could not only reduce but prevent serious surgical errors, such as operating on the wrong part of the body or transplanting the wrong organ. Such errors occur in only .03 percent of operations every year in the U.S., but that still comes to about 8,000 to 10,000 patients being injured or permanently disabled.

Should motorized scooters be regulated?

Motorized and electronic scooters offer a means for efficient, inexpensive transportation through the streets of Columbus. However, these devices -- which generally consist of two small wheels, a standing platform, a pair of handlebars and a rechargeable electric motor -- are extremely dangerous in the event of a collision.

Most radiology malpractice claims result in injuries or death

In a recently released five-year study, approximately 80 percent of radiology-related missed diagnosis claims resulted in either permanent injury or death. For the study, approximately 10,000 of an insurance company's closed claims from the years between 2013 and 2017 were analyzed. These results could be of concern for many Ohio patients.

Truck accidents and electronic control modules

When a truck accident occurs, the devastation it can cause is enormous. In the wrong circumstances, a single large commercial truck can destroy many other small consumer vehicles, producing thousands upon thousands of dollars in damages and severe injuries at the scene.

Avoiding an afternoon visit to the doctor

Ohio residents will want to think twice before scheduling an afternoon visit with their doctor. There are at least six good reasons to avoid a visit at that time, the first being that doctors and nurses, like other workers, suffer from the "afternoon slump" where fatigue increases and productivity decreases. Their work shifts go against the circadian rhythm and make them more prone to medical mistakes.

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