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Abdominal pain after a car accident is always an emergency

| Jul 13, 2018 | Uncategorized |

If you’re like most folks in Ohio, car accidents are so common that we all usually experience at least one in the course of our lives, sooner or later. In many instances, you may walk away from an accident without any injuries at all, thanks to the modern marvels of design and manufacturing that make it possible for us to travel at much higher speeds than at any other time in history.

Unfortunately, our familiarity with car accidents often causes us to underestimate how dangerous they truly are, especially those that don’t obviously cause any injuries. In many cases, an injury that does not cause pain at first may start as something trivial and worsen until it is truly life-threatening. This is particularly true of any injury you receive to your abdomen.

It is always necessary to seek a full medical examination from a licensed medical care provider as soon as you can after any car accident, to help ensure that you identify and treat any delayed pain injuries before they have the opportunity to grow into something life-threatening. Any injuries that you receive in an accident may also require a personal injury claim to seek fair compensation for your losses and keep your rights secure while you recover.

Internal bleeding

Many injuries cause bleeding of some sort, whether internal or external. When you consider just how easily you might accidentally cut or scrape yourself in your everyday life, it is easier to understand just how often internal bleeding can occur. If an injury is severe enough, it may cause significant bleeding, which is very deadly if left untreated. No matter where the bleeding occurs, if enough blood exits your circulatory system, you may die in a matter of hours or even minutes.

However, even a very slight injury with minor internal bleeding still presents very serious risks. Your body is full of many types of bacteria, and a small internal injury may easily grow a very serious infection. This infection can quickly spread through your body to all of your organs, even your brain, killing you and causing immense pain until it does so.

Organ damage

You may also suffer damage to your organs without feeling pain at first. Immediately after the injury occurs, your body jumps into repair mode, working to heal your injury internally. In some instances, the body is successful and the organ returns to a functional state, but if not, organ failure is imminent.

Once one organ fails, all organs fail. At that point, only very skillful emergency medical care can save your life, and even that is not guaranteed.

You can prevent many of these worst-case-scenarios by simply seeking out a full medical examination as soon as you experience your accident. By the time you feel the injury, great damage is already done, and you may not have the opportunity to address it in time. Protect your own life with swift care as soon as you can after any accident, for your own sake and for those you love.

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