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How new tech can combat tech-related distracted driving

Distracted driving accidents are considered some of the most severe in terms of injuries and vehicle damage, and with the introduction of smartphones and other mobile devices, they are on the rise. Ohio residents should know, however, that new technology is being introduced that could help keep drivers from experiencing technology-related distractions.

Study links widespread doctor burnout with medical errors

Results from a survey of more than 6,000 physicians suggest many doctors in Ohio and throughout the United States suffer from burnout. Furthermore, this added work-related fatigue and stress could increase the risk of medical errors. More than 10 percent of the health care professionals surveyed reported being responsible for at least one significant medical mistake within the previous three months. Investigators also concluded that burned out physicians were twice as likely to make a medical mistake.

Truckers and drowsy driving

Commercial truck drivers in Ohio and the rest of the United States have a higher risk of engaging in drowsy driving than other types of drivers. Drowsy driving is believed to be the cause of an estimated 100,000 motor vehicle accidents in the country every year. The extreme weight and size of commercial trucks and big rigs make them the most hazardous vehicles in drowsy driving accidents.

Abdominal pain after a car accident is always an emergency

If you're like most folks in Ohio, car accidents are so common that we all usually experience at least one in the course of our lives, sooner or later. In many instances, you may walk away from an accident without any injuries at all, thanks to the modern marvels of design and manufacturing that make it possible for us to travel at much higher speeds than at any other time in history.

Study shows Gaucher disease often misdiagnosed as PMF

Ohio residents who have been diagnosed with Gaucher disease know what's involved -- the body can no longer create a certain enzyme that breaks down fatty chemicals. This results in a fat buildup in bone marrow and certain organs, especially the liver and spleen. Since Gaucher disease shares similar symptoms with primary myelofibrosis, including liver and spleen enlargement, the two are often mistaken for each other.

Disclosure of personal information can harm patients

One Ohio woman unexpectedly became the recipient of a slew of people's private medical information after her personal home fax machine was somehow wrongly entered into a local hospital's system. Over the course of a year, the woman said that she began receiving multiple faxes from the hospital, many of which contained details of patients' personally identifiable information and medical histories. She noted that it seemed as if no one was present to check on the system's operation and the results of the repeated attempted faxes.

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