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Patient matching a crucial factor in healthcare sector

Residents of Ohio who are familiar with the private healthcare sector should be aware of current issues regarding the exchange of patient data. Patient matching errors are a major source of malpractice claims because they can result in patients suffering wrong-site surgeries or being prescribed the wrong medication. They could also result in a condition going undiagnosed or being diagnosed after a critical delay.

How firms can help prevent trucking accidents

As many Ohio drivers are aware, many trucks use the nation's roadways every day to transport goods. In fact, it is estimated that 2 million semi-trucks help move products and supplies each year. Due to the sheer number of trucks on the road, accidents involving these commercial vehicles do occur. However, there are ways that trucking firms can help reduce the number of accidents.

Seatbelts could reduce car accident injuries to liver

Ohio drivers may take steps to protect themselves from the damage caused by car accidents by buckling up behind the wheel. Research has found that wearing a seatbelt could help decrease the severity of liver injuries incurred in car crashes. However, wearing a seatbelt cannot eliminate the risk of damage to the liver in a collision, and the costs of this kind of injury can be significant both physically and financially.

Nursing home neglect can sometimes have deadly consequences

When you decide that your loved one requires more care than you can provide yourself, it is only natural that you consider a nursing home or elderly care facility. These facilities can provide the around-the-clock care that people with serious physical disabilities and those with declining mental faculties require. Unfortunately, many of these facilities are for-profit institutions, which can end up impacting the level of care residents receive.

Tired ride-sharing drivers at risk for accidents

The popularity of ride-sharing services in Ohio is increasing as passengers want an inexpensive way to travel around and drivers see a financial opportunity that provides them flexibility and independence. However, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, fatigue and sleeplessness are creating risks for drivers and passengers in the ride-sharing industry.

Mobile app could improve diagnostic accuracy

People living in Ohio may have heard that misdiagnosis is a common problem in the U.S. health care industry. To help combat the issue, physician-focused health apps are being developed to help doctors improve their diagnostic accuracy. However, until now, none of these apps have been evaluated to determine if they really help patients.

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