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Consider any injury settlement carefully before accepting

After suffering a serious injury, you may find it overwhelming to stay on top of the settlement process while also working through your own physical recovery. This is a normal, expected part of the process, but one that often results in victims accepting settlement terms that do not fairly compensate them for their losses.

Settling out of court for truck accident injuries

A commercial truck accident can burden victims with vehicle repair costs, medical bills and lost wages. To receive compensatory damages, they can either go through with litigation, or they can see if the other side will settle out of court. Civil law in Ohio, as in other states, allows for out-of-court settlements via alternative dispute resolution. ADR methods include negotiations, mediation and arbitration.

New software company to address truck driver fatigue

With more than 3 million commercial drivers moving 70 percent of the nation's cargo, the trucking industry is essential to the U.S. economy. It is also an industry fraught with dangers as turnover rates exceed 90 percent and drowsy driving becomes more and more common. Drivers in Ohio should know that a startup specializing in safety software could help prevent truck drivers from engaging in drowsy driving and other risky behavior.

Self-driving cars still affected by human problems

Autonomous vehicle technology is exciting to many people in Ohio because of the futuristic potential it presents for self-driving cars and a world without auto accidents. Car accidents can be costly and dangerous, causing severe injuries and even deaths; most are attributable to human error behind the wheel. Automated vehicles present the opportunity for a future of cars that are free of these human failings. At the same time, others warn of technological problems that could prove to be equally unsafe.

Software shows potential to reduce radiology errors

Accurate diagnoses for medical patients in Ohio often relies on the results of tests like ultrasounds and X-rays. A research team that studied the efficacy of a software system meant to catch data entry errors made by radiologists and sonographers found significant potential to reduce mistakes that could lead to a misdiagnosis and delayed or ineffective treatment.

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