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Cutting down on traffic fatalities in the United States

Statistics show that roads throughout Ohio and the rest of American aren't as safe as they once were. However, a new report called by the National Governors Association aims to change this. It offers state governments a series of guidelines that they can use in part or in whole to make roadways safer. The report specifically mentions the roles that governors can play in achieving this goal.

Steps to take if your medical device gets recalled

Many of us depend on medical devices to keep us healthy and active, and when a device malfunctions or presents and unanticipated hazard the results can prove disastrous. In some cases, a device poses a serious enough threat that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the device manufacturer may issue a recall, asking users to turn in the device to receive a replacement and possibly other benefits.

New AAA study gauges fatigue in car crashes

With over a third of adults in America sleeping less than seven hours a day, fatigued driving is all too common. Drivers in Ohio may think that fatigue is not as deadly as distraction or alcohol, and they would be right. However, it's more dangerous than some statistics will lead them to believe.

Knee surgery patients at risk of misdiagnosis

For people in Ohio who have had major knee surgery, they may not only face extensive pain and a complex recovery period, but they might also be at risk of misdiagnosis for persistent and unexplained pain. When physicians use older criteria to make a diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome, or CPRS, this can mean that some people who received a knee replacement may be inaccurately diagnosed with CPRS as the cause of excessive post-surgical pain. This could actually leave patients suffering longer and with greater pain.

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