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Study finds navigation systems are more distracting than texting

Much has been written in Ohio about how the popularity of mobile electronic devices has led to a surge in distracted driving accidents. However, a recent study from the University of Utah suggests that the navigation and entertainment systems found in most new cars may actually be more dangerous to road users than smartphones. The study, which was conducted on behalf of the Automobile Association of America's Foundation for Traffic Safety, was based on an analysis of how participants used the information and entertainment systems of 30 2017 model year vehicles.

Why durotomy verdicts usually favor the surgeon

When people undergo spinal surgery, they may be at risk for developing durotomy, or tears in the outer membrane of the spinal cord. In most cases, the doctor will detect these dural tears and operate on them before they create serious problems, but when he or she does not, a case could be made for medical malpractice. Ohio residents should know, however, that malpractice claims can be tricky when they involve durotomy.

How to handle driving during the winter

Ohio drivers may have experienced driving in winter weather conditions. Snow, sleet and black ice on roadways can all be primary factors in an accident occurring. Black ice is especially dangerous because drivers may not be able to tell that it is there. In some cases, its presence may not be felt until a driver has lost control of his or her automobile.

Texting and marijuana use dangerous on the road

Many people in Ohio and across the United States are increasingly concerned by the dangers posed by texting while driving. A recent survey conducted by Harris Poll for the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America showed that an overwhelming number of Americans deem texting behind the wheel to be dangerous, even more so than driving while influenced by marijuana.

Beware of drowsy driving

Driving while impaired is rarely legally advisable, even if the impairment is not from drugs or alcohol. In fact, one of the greatest risks to many drivers across the country is driving while drowsy or sleep deprived.

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