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Memory loss can be caused by several different factors

| Mar 10, 2016 | Brain Injury |

An injury to the brain can cause many problems. One of the possible problems that you might face after a brain injury is amnesia. It might interest you to know that not all amnesia is the type of global memory loss that is often portrayed in the movies. Instead, amnesia can be mild to severe.

There are several things that can lead to amnesia. These include a brain tumor, a concussion, a head injury, cancer treatments, a brain infection, a stroke, or a major traumatic event. Even medical conditions like Lyme disease and epilepsy can lead to amnesia.

Many people with memory loss will need to seek medical care. This will usually including giving a history of the amnesia. If you are unsure, you should bring along a family member or friend who can answer questions. In addition to a history, you might need certain diagnostic tests, such as blood tests, imaging tests, and psychometric tests.

When you suffer from any type of memory loss, you will likely have to have considerable support at home. You might also need to undergo professional treatments and therapy options so that you can learn how to function despite the memory loss. This might also help you to find out if anything can trigger your memory to return to normal.

In some cases, such as when severe amnesia is present, the cost of care is considerable. If your amnesia was caused by another individual’s negligent actions, you might opt to seek compensation in Columbus for the costs of medical care and other related damages that you have suffered.

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