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Education after a brain injury might be challenging

In our previous blog post, we briefly discussed how children who have suffered brain injuries can often experience some challenges when they go back to school. These challenges can make it difficult for them to get an education. In some cases, a child who was excelling in school before the accident might find it difficult to keep up with the basics. There are several reasons why the child might experience difficulties learning.

How are children affected by a brain injury?

Brain injuries can lead to a variety of problems for the people who are injured. When the injured person is a child, there are some very different factors to consider that can often lead to different effects because the child's brain is still developing. This is true even if the child who is injured is a teenager.

Malpractice: Short statute of limitations requires fast action

As we discussed last week, the standard of care is one of the primary factors that can affect a medical malpractice case. There are several other factors that also come into the picture. Looking into the entire case is vital when you are trying to decide how to handle a medical malpractice claim.

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