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Woman brings lawsuit after surgical error

Ohio patients may be interested to hear about a California woman who is suing a hospital after medical staff forgot to remove a surgical sponge during an operation. In 2007, the woman had a hysterectomy performed at Simi Valley Hospital in Southern California. Three days later, she went back to the hospital complaining of pain, but medical providers told her she had a severe case of constipation.

Undiagnosed diabetes may lead to heart attacks, studies show

Some Ohio readers might already be aware of the medical evidence linking diabetes to cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. Diabetes often goes undiagnosed despite the manifestation of cardiovascular problems. Undiagnosed diabetes may be the cause behind ten percent of heart attacks, according to new research presented at the Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Session 2014.

Ohio man killed in collision with driver fleeing prior accident

One person died in a double West Chester car crash on May 29. The fatal accident occurred shortly after another collision in which a vehicle fled the scene. That vehicle was also involved in the second crash about a minute later.

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