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Crash in Montgomery County results in a wrongful death lawsuit

| Jun 27, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

Accidents happen. Sometimes they happen through bizarre coincidences, and sometimes they happen through negligence. Three survivors of a crash from last summer believe that negligence was a factor in their accident and have recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Montgomery County Court because of it.

Early in the morning of July 13, the plaintiffs were passengers in a car traveling through a construction zone on I-75 in West Carrollton, Ohio. Mistaking a closed lane for an open one, the driver drove into a ditch, hitting a truck that was already there. At the time, reports of the accident said that the earlier driver had also mistaken the closed lane for an open one about eight minutes beforehand.

The driver of the later vehicle was killed, but his passengers survived. Now they have filed a lawsuit against the construction company responsible for the road construction that was going on at the time. Claiming that the company failed to position its barrels in a way that would have prevented the accident, the passengers are seeking relief and damages for what they experienced as a result of the crash.

Thousands of traffic accidents occur in the state of Ohio each year; some of them are fatal. Some of those fatal accidents are due to negligence by an outside party. If you think that could be the case in your situation, seeking legal help could prove to be invaluable. After all, knowing your rights is important; an experienced attorney can help you sort them out.

Source: WDTN.com, “Lawsuit filed in fatal crash on I-75,” Pam Elliot, June 14, 2013

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