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Lawsuit asserts surgeon negligent in causing disfigurement

Every medical procedure has risks associated with it. From seemingly simple procedures carried out in a doctor's office to scheduled surgical procedures, there is always the risk of a patient experiencing complications both during and after a procedure. Doctors and surgeons are trained to mitigate such risks. When a doctor or surgeon makes a medical error, however, their action or inaction may directly contribute to a patient suffering harm and injury. 

Former nursing home resident seeks justice with lawsuit

Residents of nursing homes often suffer physical and mental ailments that require constant supervision and attention. In some cases, residents may suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's and be prone to wandering. In other cases, residents may have physical injuries that affect mobility and require close attention. Whatever the case may be, every nursing home resident should have regular evaluations and individualized care plans.

Estate of deceased resident sues nursing home citing neglect

All Ohio families eventually must have frank discussions on how to best care and provide for an aging loved one. In many cases, family members are not financially or emotionally equipped to manage round-the-clock care of an ailing parent or grandparent. Physical and mental ailments often necessitate assistance with everyday tasks and personal care matters. What's more, many elderly Americans require supervision to ensure prescription medications are taken and fall accidents do not occur.

Soccer referee who was punched, dies from brain injury

The human brain is an intricate and delicate organ. The brain regulates all body processes and allows an individual to think, reason and communicate. When a portion of the brain sustains an injury, an impacted individual may be rendered unable to walk or talk or may seem like a completely different person.

More car accidents likely as Ohio increases speed limit

Much has been written about the frantic pace with which many Americans live their lives today. Many Ohio families can likely relate to feeling like they are moving at warp speed as they rush to school, work, soccer practice, playdates and trips to the store. With so many activities crammed into each day, most Ohioans rely heavy upon motor vehicles.

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