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Nursing home named in lawsuit after resident's death

One of the most difficult decisions a family must make relates to the long-term care of an elderly loved one. In many cases, family members are unable or ill-equipped to handle the growing responsibilities often associated with caring for an elderly mother, father or relative. As a result, many families take comfort in entrusting the care of a loved one to professionals at a skilled nursing home facility.

Is one workout supplement the cause of wrongful deaths?

People across the country have grown more aware of their personal fitness in recent years. Some people like to take their fitness experience to the next level, exploring dietary supplements that manufacturers might claim will help a person push their limits. But what happens if a supplement pushes a person over the edge? Should the company who makes the supplement be held accountable?

What distracted driving behavior really causes the most accidents?

You may be surprised. When we think of distracted drivers, we often picture a teenager texting while driving, or perhaps someone eating in the car. When a major insurance company looked carefully at the issue recently, however, it discovered that one distracted driving behavior was involved in a whopping 62 percent of the accidents it studied. By contrast, texting and cell phone use together were the cause of only 12 percent.

Driver's failure to yield results in two injured

Drivers who fail to follow traffic laws put their lives and those of other drivers and passengers at risk. Such driving errors occur for a variety of reasons. In many cases, car accidents arise when drivers are distracted or simply fail to pay attention. One such accident involving an Ohio man recently resulted in a car accident that sent two individuals to the hospital.

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